2023 TVS Creon Launch Date, Expected Price [1-1.2 lakh]


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TVS Creon: An Upcoming Electric Scooter in India:

TVS Creon Launch Date

The Indian automobile market is witnessing a remarkable shift towards electric vehicles, and TVS Motors, one of the leading two-wheeler manufacturers in the country, is all set to make its mark in this segment with the launch of the TVS Creon. TVS Creon launch date is expected to hit the Indian market in October 2023 and is projected to be priced between ₹1,00,000 to ₹1,20,000. With its futuristic design, advanced features, and eco-friendly performance, the TVS Creon aims to revolutionize the way we commute.

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Introduction to TVS Creon:

Unveiled at the prestigious 2018 Auto Expo, the TVS Creon garnered attention and appreciation for its innovative design and cutting-edge technology. This electric scooter concept showcases TVS’s commitment to sustainable mobility and its vision for the future. With the Creon, TVS aims to offer a convenient, stylish, and efficient mode of transportation that is not only fun to ride but also contributes to reducing carbon emissions.

TVS Creon Key Specification:

Power Output12kW
Acceleration (0-60kph)5.1 seconds
Charging Time80% in 1 hour
BrakesFront Disc, Rear Disc (with ABS)
DisplayTFT color screen
ConnectivityApp connectivity with cloud connectivity
Riding ModesThree modes (customizable performance)
Regenerative BrakingYes
Park AssistYes
GPS and NavigationYes

Powerful Electric Performance:

The TVS Creon is equipped with a high-performance Li-ion battery pack, which generates an impressive power output of 12kW. This power enables the scooter to achieve a 0-60kph acceleration in just 5.1 seconds, making it one of the fastest electric scooters in its class. Moreover, the Creon boasts a remarkable range of 80km, ensuring that riders can comfortably undertake their daily commutes without worrying about battery life. Furthermore, the batteries can be charged to 80 percent in just one hour, offering quick and convenient charging options for riders on the go.

Advanced Features and Technology:

TVS has integrated the Creon with a range of advanced features and technologies that enhance the overall riding experience. The scooter features a robust perimeter frame, ensuring excellent stability and control. It shares several components with the popular Ntorq 125, including alloy wheels, tires, and a front disc brake. Additionally, the Creon comes equipped with a rear disc brake and single-channel ABS for enhanced safety.
TVS Creon Launch Date
One of the standout features of the TVS Creon is its state-of-the-art TFT color screen, which provides riders with all the necessary information at a glance. The scooter offers app connectivity, allowing riders to seamlessly connect their smartphones to access a variety of features. These include cloud connectivity, which enables riders to access their scooter's data remotely, three riding modes for personalized performance, regenerative braking for energy conservation, park assist for effortless parking, anti-theft functionality for enhanced security, GPS and navigation for easy route planning, and geofencing for added safety.

The Road Ahead for TVS Creon:

TVS Motors has a commendable track record of transforming its concept vehicles into production-ready models within a short span. Given their history, it is expected that the TVS Creon will be ready for production by the beginning of 2020. However, the success of electric vehicles relies heavily on the presence of a robust charging infrastructure. Without adequate support from the government and the development of widespread charging stations, the mass production and adoption of the TVS Creon may face challenges.

In Conclusion: The TVS Creon is poised to make a significant impact in the Indian electric vehicle market. With its powerful performance, advanced features, and futuristic design, the Creon offers an enticing package for eco-conscious commuters. As TVS Motors continues to work towards making electric vehicles more accessible and convenient, the launch of the TVS Creon marks a crucial step in this journey.


Q1. When is the expected launch date of TVS Creon in India?

The TVS Creon is expected to launch in India in December 2023.

Q2. What is the price range of the TVS Creon?

The TVS Creon is anticipated to be priced between ₹1,00,000 to ₹1,20,000.

Q3. Are there any similar electric scooters available in the market?

Yes, currently available bikes that are similar to the TVS Creon include iVOOMi Jeet X, Ampere Zeal EX, and Bounce Infinity E1.

Q4. Is there any other upcoming electric scooter comparable to Creon?

Yes, Suzuki Burgman Street Electric is another electric scooter similar to Creon, set to launch in India in July 2023.

Q5. What are some key features of the TVS Creon?

The TVS Creon comes with features such as app connectivity, regenerative braking, park assist, anti-theft, GPS and navigation, geofencing, and a TFT color screen for an enhanced riding experience.

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