Tesla Model 3 Highland Release Date, Price & Review


Tesla Model 3 Highland Release Date

In the ever-evolving landscape of automotive innovation, Tesla has once again taken center stage with the launch of the brand-new Tesla Model 3 Highland. The latest iteration of Tesla’s Model 3 sedan, initially launched in Europe, the Middle East, and China last autumn, is now accessible in North America. During its development phase, it was referred to as β€œHighland” and brings forth various notable enhancements to Tesla’s widely adopted electric sedan. As automotive enthusiasts and tech-savvy individuals eagerly await the Tesla Model 3 Highland Release Date, latest updates, we delve into the intricacies of the exterior, interior, and driving experience to provide an in-depth analysis of what sets this model apart.

Tesla Model 3 Highland Release Date

The recently launched Tesla Model 3 Highland is now open for orders on Tesla’s official consumer website.

Tesla Model 3 Highland Price

The latest Tesla Model 3 Highland is now up for order on Tesla’s website. The base model, named β€œModel 3,” begins at $40,630, inclusive of the purchase price, destination fee, and Tesla’s $250 order fee. The only other available trim is the Long Range model, starting at $51,130 with the same fees considered.

Trim LevelBase PriceRange (EPA-estimated)Additional Fees
Model 3$40,630272 miles$250 order fee + destination fee
Long Range Model 3$51,130341 miles (with smaller wheels) / 305 miles (with larger wheels)$250 order fee + destination fee

Exterior Enhancements

1. Sleek Headlight Redesign

The first striking feature that captures attention is the revamped headlights. The thinner and sleeker design imparts a sense of modernity and sportiness to the vehicle. While some may reminisce about the previous Porsche-style headlights, the new ones contribute significantly to the overall aesthetic appeal, offering a refreshing and stylish look.

2. Streamlined Bonnet for Enhanced Aerodynamics

Although the changes to the Bonnet may seem subtle from a distance, it’s crucial to note the improved aerodynamics. This adjustment translates into increased battery range, a boon for electric vehicle enthusiasts. The car’s ability to cut through the air seamlessly is a testament to Tesla’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of efficiency.

3. Advanced Camera System

One of the noteworthy enhancements is the transition to a hardware upgrade for the cameras. The four cameras now provide a clearer, more refined image, particularly beneficial for functions like autopilot and reversing cameras. This evolution aligns with Tesla’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of Vision-only technology.

4. Stylish Wheel Upgrade

The 19-in Nova Wheels not only add a touch of elegance to the Model 3 but also bring improved aerodynamics to the table. The addition of discreet black blocks, while enhancing aerodynamics, cleverly blends with the silver rims, ensuring a cohesive and stylish appearance.

5. Revamped Rear Design

The rear of the Tesla Model 3 undergoes a significant transformation. With redesigned headlights, a modern Tesla logo, and an improved rear diffuser, the overall look exudes a sportier vibe. These changes address concerns from the previous model, creating a more aesthetically pleasing rear profile.

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Interior Refinements

1. Ambient Lighting Upgrade

Step into the cabin, and you’ll be greeted by a new ambient lighting strip that encircles the entire car. The customizable color palette, accessible through Tesla’s intuitive interface, allows users to personalize their driving experience. A subtle yet impactful enhancement that adds to the overall ambiance.

2. Dual Display Delight

The dual display setup inside the Model 3 is a game-changer. While the central display, controlling the vehicle, receives a facelift with thinner bezels and enhanced vibrancy, the addition of a second display in the rear opens up a realm of possibilities. Passengers can now indulge in entertainment, gaming, and even control their heated seats, elevating the overall in-car experience.

3. Ventilated Seats for Ultimate Comfort

Tesla takes seating comfort up a notch with the introduction of ventilated seats. Beyond the conventional heating feature, these seats can cool passengers during warm weather. A thoughtful addition that caters to diverse climate needs and ensures a comfortable journey for all occupants.

4. Noise Isolation and Premium Audio

The Model 3 boasts 360Β° double glazing and improved dampening, resulting in a remarkably quiet cabin. From the hum of the tires to the closing of doors, every sound is meticulously tuned for a serene driving experience. Additionally, the upgraded stereo system, featuring nine speakers in the rear-wheel-drive version and 17 speakers in the long-range model, promises an immersive audio experience.

Driving Dynamics

1. Smooth Ride and Enhanced Comfort

Embarking on a journey with the Model 3 reveals an unprecedented level of comfort. The suspension system provides a smooth, plush ride, even on bumpy terrains. The 360Β° double glazing and improved dampening contribute to a noise-free environment, reminiscent of luxury car standards.

2. Acceleration and Performance

The rear-wheel-drive version surprises with its punchy acceleration, dispelling any concerns about it lagging behind its long-range counterpart. Quick and nimble, the Model 3 proves its mettle on the road, making it an enticing option for those seeking a blend of performance and efficiency.


  • Single-Motor Version: 0-60 mph in an estimated 5.8 seconds
  • Dual-Motor Version: 0-60 mph in an impressive 4.2 seconds

Top Speed:

  • Boast a maximum speed of 125 mph.

In conclusion, the all-new Tesla Model 3 stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and excellence. From exterior enhancements to interior refinements and driving dynamics, every aspect is meticulously designed to provide an unparalleled driving experience.

Tesla continues to push boundaries, setting new standards for electric vehicles. The Model 3, with its thoughtful upgrades and cutting-edge features, is not just a car; it’s a statement. As automotive enthusiasts embrace the future of driving, Tesla remains at the forefront, steering us toward a new era of sustainable and exhilarating transportation..

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