New Mahindra Armada: Is This the 5 Door Thar You’ve Been Waiting For?

Mahindra Armada [5-Door Thar]

In the realm of automotive anticipation, Mahindra has set the stage for excitement with the trademarked name β€œThar Armada,” sparking speculation about a 5-door version of its popular Thar SUV. While there is no official confirmation, the historical significance of the Mahindra Armada name, originally launched in 1993 and discontinued in 2001, adds an air of mystery and curiosity to the automotive landscape.

The Thar Legacy

The current Mahindra Thar, a rugged 3-door off-road SUV, has garnered immense popularity in India. The prospect of a 5-door variant opens new doors of possibilities, offering enhanced practicality and widening its appeal to a broader spectrum of buyers.

Mahindra Armada [Anticipating the 5-Door Thar]

Lengthened Dimensions

The 5-door Thar is expected to boast a longer frame than its 3-door counterpart, with an estimated 100mm longer wheelbase. This extension aims to provide more room for both passengers and cargo, aligning with the demands of modern SUV enthusiasts.

Continuity in Design with Subtle Modifications

Maintaining the iconic design language of the current Thar, the 5-door version is poised to incorporate subtle changes to seamlessly integrate the additional door. Drawing inspiration from the Armada, expect a rugged appearance, characterized by a long bonnet and wide front fenders, showcasing its robust off-road capabilities.

Powerful Engine Options

The heart of the Thar 5-door will likely beat with the same engines as its 3-door sibling. Mahindra is expected to offer a 2.2-litre diesel engine generating 130 BHP and 300 Nm of torque, alongside a 2.0-litre petrol engine producing 150 BHP and 300-320 Nm. Transmission options are anticipated to include both a 6-speed manual and a 6-speed automatic, providing drivers with a versatile and dynamic driving experience.

Mahindra Armada Price

As a step up from the 3-door Thar, the 5-door variant is expected to come with a premium price tag. Mahindra’s Armada is expected to have a starting price of Rs 15 lakh (ex-showroom) onwards. The additional features and enhanced practicality are likely to justify this higher price point, making it an attractive proposition for SUV enthusiasts seeking a blend of style and functionality.

The Buzz Surrounding Thar Armada

The potential naming of the 5-door Thar as the β€œThar Armada” has set the automotive community abuzz. Harking back to the historical significance of the Armada, Mahindra is creating an air of excitement and anticipation around the upcoming launch in 2024.

Other Trademarked Names

While the Thar Armada steals the spotlight, Mahindra has trademarked several other names for the 5-door Thar. These names, yet to be unveiled, add an element of mystery and intrigue to the brand’s expansion in the Thar lineup.

Design Inspirations

Taking cues from the Armada, the Thar 5-door promises a rugged exterior, featuring a redesigned grille, new LED taillights, and updated alloy wheels. This design evolution complements its robust off-road capabilities, making it a versatile choice for those who crave adventure.


Inside the cabin, the Thar 5-door is set to offer more than just functionality. Expect an array of comforts, including an electric sunroof, a front armrest, cup holders on the center console, and an upgraded touchscreen infotainment system. These additions elevate the driving experience, making every journey a luxurious adventure.

While the name β€œThar Armada” holds promise, only time will unveil the final identity of the 5-door Thar. Mahindra’s meticulous approach to design, performance, and innovation sets the stage for a remarkable addition to the Thar lineup. As the automotive community eagerly anticipates the revelation, one thing is certainβ€”the Thar 5-door is poised to redefine the off-road segment.

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