London Faces Escalating Range Rover Theft Crisis

London Faces Escalating Range Rover Theft Crisis

In the realm of luxury automobiles, the Range Rover stands as a symbol of opulence and prestige, with a price tag that mirrors its exclusivity. However, a growing predicament haunts Range Rover owners in London a surge in car thefts that has left many grappling with substantial losses and a diminished sense of security.

6 in 10 Stolen Vehicles are Range Rovers

Recent statistics reveal an alarming reality: six out of every ten stolen vehicles in London are Range Rovers, making them prime targets for skilled and tech-savvy thieves. The repercussions are profound, causing a ripple effect on the market value of these once-coveted vehicles.

London Faces Escalating Range Rover Theft Crisis

Range Rover Thefts in London

  • Range Rovers rank as the second most frequently stolen vehicles in the U.K.
  • The majority of these thefts take place in London.
  • In response to the escalating theft rates, insurance brokers are taking measures:
  • Some brokers are outright refusing to provide insurance coverage for Range Rovers based in London.
  • Others are opting to increase insurance rates for London-based Range Rovers, with some premiums doubling in cost.

Modern Theft Techniques

In the era of smart cars, thieves have embraced modern technologies to bypass security measures. One prevalent method involves using relay amplifiers, equipped with a receiver and transmitter. These devices intercept signals emitted by car keys, amplifying them to unlock and start the vehicle seamlessly.

The Key Signal Conundrum

Smart Key Vulnerabilities

Modern cars, including Range Rovers, utilize smart keys that emit signals to communicate with the vehicle. However, the smart key’s efficacy diminishes at a distance, creating a vulnerability that tech-savvy thieves exploit.

Relay Amplifiers in Action

Thieves strategically position themselves near the owner’s residence, using relay amplifiers to capture key signals. By transmitting these signals to the car’s door handles, the vehicle is tricked into unlocking itself, providing easy access for the perpetrators.

Impact on Vehicle Value and Insurance

Plummeting Market Value

The escalating rates of Range Rover thefts have sent shockwaves through the market, leading to a significant depreciation in the value of these high-end vehicles. A once-thriving market for Range Rovers has witnessed a decline, with values plummeting from 75,000 pounds to a mere 45,000 pounds in just three months.

Land Rover’s Countermeasures

Technological Fortifications

In response to the rampant thefts, Land Rover has invested nearly 100 crore rupees in implementing cutting-edge security measures in over 65,000 Range Rovers between 2018 and 2022. These measures include enhanced signal encryption and a guard mode accessible through the owner’s smartphone.

The UK’s top 10 most stolen car models

RankBrandModelTheft CountCumulative Instances
1Land RoverR Rover Velar R-Dyn HSE D180 A301,417
2Land RoverRR Sport HSE Dyn Black P400E A442,093
3LexusRX 450H CVT372,197
4LexusRX 450H F Sport CVT684,656
5Land RoverRange Rover Sport SVR S/C Auto684,699
6Land RoverR Rover Sport HSE Dyn P400E A302,244
7Land RoverR Rover Velar R-Dyn S D180 A332,927
8FordFiesta Zetec S Red Edition585,403
9FordFiesta Zetec S Black Edition535,030
10Land RoverR Rover Sport HSE Dyn SDV6 A676,607

Owner Vigilance: Safeguarding Your Investment

For Range Rover owners in London, adopting additional security measures is imperative. Placing the car key in a Faraday pouch to block signals or installing a steering lock with a mechanical key can deter thieves and protect your valuable investment.

What Lies Ahead for Range Rover Owners?

Strategic Considerations for Owners

As Range Rover owners navigate these shifting market dynamics, strategic considerations become paramount. While the current dip in resale values may be unsettling, understanding the broader context can empower owners to make informed decisions about their luxury SUV investments.

JLR’s Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Despite the market fluctuations, JLR remains steadfast in its commitment to customer satisfaction. The assurance that Range Rover resale values continue to ensure minimal depreciation is a testament to the brand’s dedication to providing a premium ownership experience.

Range Rover Theft Prevention

To protect your Land Rover from theft, follow these 7 security tips:

  1. Install a Tracking Device:
  • Use a high-quality GPS tracker with 24/7 monitoring to detect theft attempts.
  • Enables quick recovery and alerts authorities for timely intervention.
  1. Keep Your Vehicle Locked at All Times:
  • Physically lock your Land Rover, even with keyless systems.
  • Double-check by trying the handle or waiting for the lights to flash.
  1. Park in a Well-Lit Spot:
  • Choose well-lit areas with security cameras and public visibility.
  • Avoid parking in dark alleys to deter thieves.
  1. Keep Your Personal Belongings Hidden:
  • Remove valuables from the car or hide them to reduce temptation.
  • Ensure no expensive items are visible through windows.
  1. Use a Sturdy Steering Wheel Lock:
  • Add an extra layer of protection with a robust steering wheel lock.
  • Provides physical resistance and noise, deterring thieves.
  1. Consider an Immobiliser:
  • Install an immobiliser to make starting the engine difficult or impossible.
  • Newer models may have advanced wireless immobilisers for added security.
  1. Protect Your Key Fob:
  • Guard against relay attacks by keeping your key fob at a safe distance.
  • Store the key fob in a metal Faraday pouch to block signals.
  • Press the lock button twice to activate deadlocks and confirm security.
  • Be cautious when sharing your key with third parties.
  • Contact the retailer immediately if you lose your keys or if you buy a second-hand Land Rover, have the keys re-calibrated.


According to a report on, London is currently facing an escalating Range Rover theft crisis, also covered this issue in a recent article

Additionally, provides insights into the impact of such thefts on insurance trends and policies

In conclusion, the escalating trend of Range Rover thefts in London demands a proactive approach from both car manufacturers and owners. Only through a combination of advanced security measures, technological fortifications, and owner vigilance can the allure of luxury vehicles like the Range Rover be preserved in the face of evolving threats.

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