KTM 1390 Super Duke R : A Super Naked Revolution in 2024


KTM 1390 Super Duke R

In the ever-evolving world of high-performance motorcycles, the KTM 1390 Super Duke R stands out as a true powerhouse, set to redefine the standards for super nakeds in 2024. As sports bikes push the boundaries with over 200 brake horsepower, the 1390 Super Duke R emerges as a compelling choice, offering a perfect blend of raw power and rideability. In this article, we delve into the details of this exceptional machine, exploring its key features, enhancements, and what sets it apart in a market flooded with competitors.

KTM 1390 Super Duke R
KTM 1390 Super Duke R

Since its inception in 2014, the Super Duke R series by KTM has been a front-runner in the super naked category. Fast forward to 2024, and we are introduced to the latest addition to the family – the 1390 Super Duke R. Unlike its rivals opting for V4s or inline fours, KTM continues to champion the V-twin engine, a distinctive choice that has resonated with riders worldwide. This beast has consistently delivered an awe-inspiring amount of torque at the bottom end, allowing riders to power out of corners effortlessly.

Under the sleek exterior of the KTM1390 Super Duke R lies a meticulously crafted powerhouse. With an updated version of KTM’s renowned 1301 CC LC8 V-twin engine, the 2024 model boasts a significant increase in bore, elevating its capacity to an impressive 1350 CC. The power output is a formidable 187.5 brake horsepower at 10,000 RPM, coupled with a torque of 107 lb-feet at 8,000 RPM. What sets this apart is the new cam shift system in the cylinder heads, enabling the activation of two different valve lifts based on the rev range.


Engine Capacity1350 CC
Power Output187.5 brake horsepower at 10,000 RPM
Torque107 lb-feet at 8,000 RPM
Cam Shift SystemYes
BoreIncreased to 110 mm
Gearing RatiosRevised for a wider speed range
Weight (Without Fuel)200 kg
Front Brake Disc Diameter320 mm
Rear Brake Disc Diameter240 mm
Front Brake2 x Brembo Stylema Monobloc four-piston, radially mounted caliper
Rear BrakeBrembo twin-piston fixed caliper, brake disc cover
Chassis Evolution:
While the chassis design may seem familiar, subtle tweaks have been made to accommodate the new engine. Frame revisions, updates to the airbox, and throttle body configurations ensure a seamless integration of the powerhouse. The fuel tank has grown by 1 liter, extending the range and making this iteration even more versatile for both city rides and long journeys.

As we dissect the spec sheet of the KTM1390, the innovations become even more apparent. The fifth and sixth gear ratios have been revised to broaden the speed range, ensuring optimal performance in various riding conditions. KTM, known for its commitment to cutting-edge technology, incorporates a lean-sensitive electronics system and multiple riding modes, with additional options available in the optional extras catalog.

Adding to the excitement is the EVO model, featuring semi-active electronic suspension technology. Scheduled for release in January 2024 alongside the standard and R models, the EVO takes the riding experience to new heights. With WP’s third generation of electronic suspension, riders can unlock features like anti-dive settings on the front forks and an automatic rear preload adjustment when coming to a stop, enhancing both performance and control.

To gain further insights into the development of this brutish machine, we had the privilege of interviewing Floran, the project leader behind the 1390 Super Duke R. In a candid conversation, Floran shared that the development process spanned approximately three years, emphasizing KTM’s dedication to refining every aspect of the motorcycle. He highlighted key changes, such as the increased engine size, cam shift technology, and improvements in serviceability and longevity.

Acknowledging concerns from previous models, Floran assured riders that the 2024 edition prioritizes serviceability and longevity. The new 1390 engine incorporates small changes to increase tolerances, resulting in a valve check only required after 60,000 km, compared to the previous 30,000 km interval. Updates to the dashboard have been implemented to mitigate water ingress issues, providing a more reliable and durable riding experience.

As the 1390 Super Duke R prepares to hit the roads, one question lingers – where does it stand in a market flooded with super nakeds? According to Floran, the Super Duke R has always been a disruptor, boasting a lighter weight than its competitors and aiming for a power-to-weight ratio as close to 1:1 as possible. The key focus remains on providing riders with exceptional rideability on the streets, ensuring a thrilling experience without compromising safety.

Having ridden the 1390 Super Duke R briefly, the exhilarating experience is undeniable. The bike effortlessly pulls wheelies in third and fourth gears, showcasing its incredible power. The rider aids, customizable slip adjuster, and new engine brake control contribute to a sense of control and safety, allowing riders to tailor the bike to their unique riding style.

In conclusion, the KTM 1390 Super Duke R stands poised to capture the 2024 super naked crown. With a perfect balance of power, agility, and rideability, it asserts itself as a disruptor in the highly competitive market. Whether it’s the refined engine, innovative features, or the commitment to addressing past concerns, the 1390 Super Duke R is a testament to KTM’s relentless pursuit of excellence in the world of high-performance motorcycles.

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