ford mustang 1969 price in India, A Deep Dive into Design, Models.

ford mustang 1969 price in India

The Ford Mustang 1969 stands as an iconic testament to automotive excellence, captivating enthusiasts with its timeless design and powerful performance. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of the 1969 Mustang, exploring its design evolution, engine lineup, special edition models, and shedding light on the coveted Shelby variants. Additionally, we uncover the pricing dynamics, particularly the intriguing details surrounding the Ford Mustang 1969 price in India.

Design Evolution:

The 1969 Mustang underwent a significant redesign, marking a departure from its predecessors. The body was elongated by about 4 inches and reduced in height by 1.5 inches compared to the 1967/68 models, resulting in a distinctive and more streamlined appearance. Despite these changes, the Mustang retained the original 108β€³ wheelbase from the ’64Β½ model, ensuring a harmonious blend of classic charm and modern aesthetics.

ford mustang 1969 price in India

The SportsRoof and MACH1:

The introduction of the SportsRoof brand/model in place of the 2+2 Fastback brought a new dimension to the Mustang lineup. Notably, the SportsRoof paved the way for the MACH1 variant, a Mustang that not only pushed boundaries but was deemed distinct enough to merit its own code number due to significant differences in design.

Ford Mustang 1969 Price in India

Before diving into the Indian market, it’s crucial to understand the base price in the USA, approximately $250,000. When converted to Indian rupees, this translates to a staggering 2,08,3000. However, it’s imperative to factor in the substantial import duty tax, amounting to 180% of the car’s value, resulting in an additional 37 lakhs. Consequently, the total price of the Ford Mustang 1969 in India reaches a formidable 60 Lakhs, inclusive of import duty, India RTO tax, and registration fees.

ComponentPrice (INR)
Base Price in USA$250,000 approx
Conversion to Indian Rupeesβ‚Ή20,83,000
Import Duty (180% of car’s value)β‚Ή37,49,400
Total Price in India (including Import Duty)β‚Ή60,32,400
ford mustang 1969 price in India

Engines Galore

1969 marked a pinnacle year for Ford Mustang in terms of performance, boasting an array of engines and performance models. A total of six factory performance models were available, including the GT, Boss 302, Boss 429, Shelby GT350, Shelby GT500, and the Mach 1. The base engine remained the 200 cubic inch six-cylinder, with new additions like the optional 250 cubic inch six-cylinder catering to the economy-minded Mustang owners.

Special Edition Models & Variants

The 1969 Mustang lineup witnessed the emergence of several new models, each catering to distinct preferences. The GT option, although last offered in 1969, maintained its appeal with minimal changes. The Grande, a luxurious variant, targeted a more upmarket clientele with enhanced interior features. Meanwhile, the Mach 1, built for performance, boasted a matte black hood, hood scoop, and NASCAR-style hood lock pins, setting it apart in the lineup.

Shelby’s Farewell: A Final Bow in 1969

In 1969, the curtain fell on the Shelby Mustang, marking the end of an era. The GT350 and GT500, based on the new SportsRoof and convertible body styles, retained their distinctiveness despite sharing little resemblance with the production Mustang. This final iteration paid homage to the legacy of Shelby Mustangs.

Mustang Grande, GT Package, Boss 302 & Boss 429: Diverse Offerings

Diving deeper into the Mustang lineup, the Grande emerged as the β€œfancy hardtop,” offering special trim, deluxe interiors, and additional features for a premium experience. The GT package, although last offered in 1969, continued to showcase its prowess with engine choices ranging from the 351 2 bbl to the mighty 428 Cobra Jet. The Boss 302 and Boss 429, introduced in 1969, added a high-performance edge to the lineup, with the Boss 429 featuring a Semi-Hemi 429 powerplant for NASCAR compliance.

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Mustang Mach 1:

The Mustang Mach 1, originating in 1967, underwent further evolution in 1969. Priced at $733 over the base V8 fastback, the Mach 1 featured a matte black hood, hood scoop (functional with the SCJ Ram Air Drag Pack engine), and NASCAR-style hood lock pins. The special interior trim, handling suspension, and additional sound deadener contributed to a unique driving experience.

Limited Edition 600:

May 1969 witnessed the introduction of the Limited Edition 600, a promotional offering in vibrant colors like β€œFlower Power Red” and β€œGroovy Green.” Available only as a hardtop or sportsroof, this limited edition model featured a hood scoop, chrome mirror, AM radio, full wheel covers, tape stripes, and unique fender emblems.

Mustang E:

For those inclined towards fuel efficiency, the Mustang E was the answer in 1969. Equipped with a 250 cubic inch six-cylinder engine, the Mustang E prioritized high MPG, featuring a 2.33/1 rear gear ratio and a C-4 Select Shift automatic transmission. The insignia on the rear quarter panel proudly declared β€œMustang E,” signifying its economic-friendly stance.

Ford T-5:

The Ford T-5, born out of necessity due to copyright constraints in Germany, added a unique chapter to Mustang history. Sold in Germany from 1964 to 1979, the T-5 maintained the Mustang spirit under a different name, showcasing adaptability in the face of legal intricacies.

4.1 Liter Special:

Little is known about the 4.1 Liter Special, an Indianapolis area promotion during the 1969 model year. With automatic L-code 4.1 liter (250ci) 6-cylinder engines, special order exterior colors, and unique badges, the 4.1 Liter Special remains an enigma in the Mustang’s rich history.

In conclusion, the Ford Mustang 1969 stands as a testament to automotive brilliance, with its diverse lineup catering to various preferences. From the sleek design evolution to the performance-driven engines and special edition models, the 1969 Mustang leaves an indelible mark in the annals of automotive history.


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