force traveller 26 seater price, comparison & Demand.

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force traveller 26 seater price

In India, when an ambulance is called, Force Traveller will arrive. If you want to send your children to school, Force Traveller will arrive. If you want to travel in the mountains, Force Traveller will be booked. This versatile vehicle is even used as a Delivery Van, Caravan, and Food Truck. Force Motor’s Travellers are used for multiple purposes in India, making them a common sight on the bustling streets. In this article, we will delve into the force traveller 26 seater price, comparing it to the 17 and 12-seater variants, and also discuss customization options.

The Force Traveller’s Starting Price

The Force Traveller comes at a starting price of INR 14 Lacs. What’s even more surprising is that it’s priced at INR 5 Lacs less than the Toyota Innova Crysta, making it an attractive option for those who seek value for their money.

ModelSeating CapacityStarting Price (Ex-showroom)Engine PowerFuel TypeNotable Features
Force Traveller 26-Seater26+D₹14.00 lakhs114 HPDieselComfortable, powerful, and fuel-efficient.
Force Traveller 17-Seater17+D₹17.16 lakhs115 HPDieselSuitable for staff and tourist transport.
Force Traveller 12-Seater12+D₹15.44 lakhs115 HPDieselKnown for comfort, power, and fuel efficiency.

force traveller 26 seater price:

  • The base model starts at around ₹14 lakhs, and the top variant is around ₹19.42 lakhs.
  • It has a powerful diesel engine, 114 HP, and seats 26 people.
  • Good for staff and tourist transport, known for comfort and fuel efficiency.
  • Keep in mind that these prices are without additional costs like taxes and insurance.

Force Traveller 17-Seater Price:

  • The base model costs approximately ₹17.16 lakhs, and the top version is about ₹21.79 lakhs.
  • It’s powered by a strong diesel engine, 115 HP, and seats 17 passengers.
  • Ideal for staff and tourist transport with a focus on comfort and fuel efficiency.
  • Remember that these prices don’t include extra expenses like taxes and insurance.

Force Traveller 12-Seater Price:

  • The starting price for the base model is around ₹15.44 lakhs, and the top version costs approximately ₹19.32 lakhs.
  • It comes with a robust diesel engine, 115 HP, and accommodates 12 people.
  • Great for staff and tourist transportation, offering comfort and fuel efficiency.
  • Please note that the mentioned prices are exclusive of additional charges like taxes and insurance.

force traveller mileage

VariantMileage (kmpl)
Force Traveller 26-seater10-14
Force Traveller 17-seater11-14
Force Traveller 12-seater11-14
Force Traveller Delivery Van11-12

force traveller 26 seater price, comparison & Demand.

The Search for Statistics

To prove this monopoly, we started searching for statistics on the internet. However, for this particular vehicle, we could not find much information. But after deep thinking, we understood that we could not compare Force Traveller with any other vehicle. A very significant question arises from this: Why are there only a few vehicles similar to Force Traveller in India?

The Competition – TATA Winger

Apart from TATA Winger, there is no other vehicle similar to Force Traveller. It comes with a 2.2-liter engine that produces 99 BHP and 200 NM of torque, much less compared to the 350 NM torque produced by Traveller. The ground clearance of Force Traveller is 200 MM, whereas TATA Winger only has a ground clearance of 180 MM – 20 MM lesser than the Traveller.

AspectForce TravellerTata Winger
Engine2.2-liter, 99 BHP2.2-Liter 99PS
Torque200 NM350 NM
Ground Clearance200 MM180 MM
Customization OptionsVarious variants availableMinimal customization options

Customization Options

One of the key advantages of the Force Traveller is the wide array of customization options available. Traveller comes with various variants, while TATA Winger is kept raw when delivered to the customer. This versatility is what makes the Traveller stand out. For example, it can be customized as a caravan that can be used for sleeping by 5 people.

force traveller 26 seater price

Before converting it into a caravan, please read our comprehensive article on car modifications

The Demand in Different Markets

The demand for vehicles like Force Traveller varies greatly by region. In Eastern Europe, countries like Armenia, Georgia, Latvia, and Estonia use these vehicles on set routes, known as Marshrukta. This trend has its roots in Russia, where these vehicles were initially used as taxis. This popularity spread to neighboring countries, leading many car makers to invest in developing such vehicles.

However, in India, the demand for these types of vehicles is much lower. Shared taxis aren’t a common mode of transportation, and people typically opt for three-wheelers or buses for shared journeys.

Market Size and Growth in India

The market size of buses in India in 2022 was worth only $603 Million, significantly smaller than the $20 Billion market size of trucks in the same year. The minibus market in India is relatively small, and its growth has remained stagnant. Furthermore, the market share of Light Duty Buses in India saw a 2% decrease.

This lack of growth is largely due to the absence of a strong trend in favor of public transport in India. In contrast, countries like China, which encourage the use of public transport to reduce oil imports, have seen a substantial rise in their bus market.

The Bottom Line

While the Force Traveller stands as a versatile and reliable vehicle, its appeal in the Indian market is somewhat limited. The unique demands and preferences of the Indian consumer base, along with the absence of strong public transport trends, have hindered the growth of this segment in the country.

In conclusion, the Force Traveller is a versatile and adaptable vehicle, widely used in India for various purposes. Despite its unique advantages, the limited presence of similar vehicles in the Indian market is due to distinct consumer preferences and a lack of demand for shared taxi services. While it may not be the most popular choice in India, the Force Traveller remains a symbol of adaptability and serves diverse transportation needs in a changing world.


Q1. Is the Force Traveller used only in India?

While it is primarily used in India, it has found applications in other countries as well, particularly in regions with a similar demand for versatile people movers.

Q2. What makes the Force Traveller stand out from its competitors?

Its customization options, higher torque, and better ground clearance make it a standout choice.

Q3. Why are there so few vehicles similar to Force Traveller in India?

The limited demand for shared taxis and people movers in the Indian market is one of the primary reasons.

Q4. What is the price of Force 9 seater in India?

The Force Motors Trax Cruiser 9 STR is available with a manual transmission and comes in a white color option. It is priced at 13.83 lakh.

Q5. What is the future of the minibus market in India?

The market is currently small, but if public transport trends change and there’s an increase in demand, it may see growth in the future.

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