2023 New Bajaj Pulsar P150 Review, Price, Mileage, [Guide]


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2023 New Bajaj Pulsar P150 Red

Looking for a dynamic street bike that combines power, style, and performance? Look no further than the Bajaj Pulsar P150. With its impressive range of features, powerful engine, and stunning design, this motorcycle has captured the hearts of riders all over India. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into every aspect of the New Bajaj Pulsar P150 Review from its variants and colors to its engine specifications, features, and more.

Bajaj Pulsar P150 Price

Pulsar P150 Single Disc – Single Seatβ‚Ή 1,17,174Disc Brakes, Alloy Wheels
Pulsar P150 Twin Disc – Split Seatβ‚Ή 1,20,171Split Seat, Twin Disc Brakes

Key Specification:

Engine Capacity149.68 cc
Mileage – ARAI60.2 kmpl
Transmission5 Speed Manual
Kerb Weight140 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity14 litres
Seat Height790 mm
Mileage: As reported by Pulsar P150 owners, the real mileage of Bajaj Pulsar P150 isΒ 50 kmpl.Β As per ARAI, the average of Pulsar P150 isΒ 60 kmpl.

New Bajaj Pulsar P150 Review:

Distinguishing Elements and Succinct Review of the 2023 Bajaj Pulsar P150

Distinguishing Elements:

  • Design Departure: The Pulsar P150 breaks away from its forerunner and the conventional Pulsar aesthetics, adopting a slimmer and distinct design ethos.
  • Premium Aesthetics: The fusion of colored panels on dark plastics evokes a premium aura, complemented by the unique Infinity instrument cluster.
  • Distinctive Illumination: A standout LED projector headlight with a unique housing and a small flyscreen sets the P150 apart in style.
  • Agile Dynamics: The P150 strikes a balance between practicality and sportiness, embracing softer suspension for smoother rides and agility for confident cornering.
  • Refined Power: A versatile engine delivers tractability, robust mid-range, and polished refinement, ensuring an engaging ride.
  • Comfort and Contrasts: A split-seat variant boasts a rear disc brake and a sporty posture, while the single-seat option prioritizes comfort with a relaxed stance.

Succinct Review:

The 2023 Bajaj Pulsar P150 stands out with its unique design departure and premium aesthetics. The LED projector headlight and agile dynamics contribute to its appeal. The versatile engine offers engaging power delivery, accompanied by commendable refinement. The choice between split-seat and single-seat variants adds versatility to suit rider preferences.

Bajaj Pulsar P150 Variants and Colors

The Bajaj Pulsar P150 is available in two exciting variants: the single disc variant and the twin disc variant. The single disc variant boasts a disc brake at the front and a drum unit at the back, providing balanced stopping power. On the other hand, the twin disc variant takes it up a notch with disc brakes on both wheels, enhancing braking performance and safety.

To match its vibrant personality, the Pulsar P150 comes in a stunning range of 10 colors. From Racing Red to Caribbean Blue, Ebony Black Red, Ebony Black Blue, and Ebony Black White, each color theme adds a unique touch of style to this exceptional street bike.

Power-Packed Engine and Performance

At the heart of the Bajaj Pulsar P150 beats a 149.68cc BS6 engine that’s designed to deliver a remarkable power output of 14.29 bhp and a torque of 13.5 Nm. This means you’ll experience swift acceleration and thrilling rides, whether you’re navigating city streets or cruising on the highway. Thanks to its advanced engine technology, the Pulsar P150 offers exceptional fuel efficiency without compromising on power.

2023 New Bajaj Pulsar P150 Review Price, Mileage, [Guide]

Exceptional Design and Styling

Drawing inspiration from the Pulsar N250, the design cues of the Pulsar P150 are nothing short of captivating. From the single-pod headlight with LED DRL to the tinted visor, fuel tank shrouds, and 3D Pulsar branding, every detail adds to its aggressive and modern look. The underbelly exhaust and split-style LED taillight enhance its sporty appeal, making heads turn wherever you go.

Feature-Packed and Tech-Savvy

The Bajaj Pulsar P150 doesn’t just excel in performance and designβ€”it also comes loaded with features. The projector-LED headlight with an LED DRL ensures optimum visibility, while the semi-digital instrument cluster keeps you informed about your ride with an analogue tachometer, gear position indicator, and distance to empty readout. Plus, the inclusion of a USB charger near the tank adds a convenient touch for riders who value connectivity on the go.

2023 New Bajaj Pulsar P150 Review

Riding Experience and Handling

Both the single disc and twin disc variants offer exceptional handling, thanks to their telescopic front forks and preload-adjustable rear mono-shock suspension setup. The base model’s 260mm disc brake at the front and 130mm drum unit at the back provide reliable stopping power, while the twin disc version takes braking a step further with a 260mm front rotor and a 230mm rear disc.

Conclusion In the world of street bikes, the Bajaj Pulsar P150 shines as a true powerhouse that combines stunning design, impressive performance, and innovative features. With its range of variants, captivating colors, and cutting-edge technology, this motorcycle is a force to be reckoned with on the streets of India. Whether you’re a city commuter or an adrenaline-seeking rider, the Bajaj Pulsar P150 promises an exhilarating and unforgettable experience.


1Q: What are the variants available for the Bajaj Pulsar P150?

The Bajaj Pulsar P150 comes in two variants: the single disc variant and the twin disc variant.

2Q: What is the power output of the Bajaj Pulsar P150’s engine?

The 149.68cc BS6 engine of the Bajaj Pulsar P150 delivers a power output of 14.29 bhp.

3Q: How many colors are available for the Bajaj Pulsar P150?

The Bajaj Pulsar P150 is available in 10 exciting colors, including Racing Red, Caribbean Blue, and more.

4Q: What kind of brakes does the Bajaj Pulsar P150 have?

The single disc variant features a disc brake at the front and a drum unit at the back, while the twin disc variant comes with disc brakes on both wheels.

5Q: What is the fuel tank capacity of the Bajaj Pulsar P150?

The Bajaj Pulsar P150 has a fuel tank capacity of 14 liters.

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