List Of Best Used Car WebsitesΒ

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Best for Cheap Cars

Why We Chose It By combining an online car marketplace with advanced research tools that accurately assess a vehicle’s true market value, CarGurus is our pick as the best used car site for cheap cars.


Best Advanced Search FunctionsΒ 

Why We Chose It Autotrader is one of the best used car sites because it's one of the most recognized car buying and selling online auto marketplaces. Its huge volume of listings and advanced search tool make it a go-to place to buy and sell a car.


Best Basic OptionΒ 

Why We Chose It CarsDirect provides car buyers with an easy way to compare listings from local dealerships. Its uncluttered website, simple search engine, and user-friendly car buyer guides make CarsDirect our choice for the best basic used car site.


Best for Classic CarsΒ 

Why We Chose It Hemmings is an online marketplace for classic cars and car parts. Its car enthusiasts’ blog, newsletter, and info about local auctions and car clubs make the website a vintage car lover’s dream and our pick for the best website for buying and selling classic cars.


Best for MobileΒ 

Why We Chose It Autolist is a unique website that collects listings from dozens of used car apps and websites in one place. Its intuitive and easy-to-use app has been downloaded over seven million times and was listed in CNET’s top 10 car apps in 2019, making it the best used car site for mobile users.


Best for Comparing OptionsΒ 

Why We Chose It Drawing on the databases of most online marketplaces including Craigslist, Autotrader, and CarsDirect, AutoTempest offers the largest online car marketplace, making it our top choice as the best site for comparing used cars.


Best Auction SiteΒ 

Why We Chose It Cars & Bids is an online auction site for cars from the 1980s and newer and is our choice as the best auction site due to its easy listing process, car history reports, and low auction fees.


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