2023 Toyota Mirai Price in India: Launch Date, Features,Reviews


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Toyota Mirai Price in India 2023
Toyota Mirai Price in India 2023

Welcome to an exciting journey into the world of eco-friendly cars. In this article, we will dive into the Toyota Mirai, a revolutionary hydrogen fuel cell vehicle that is transforming the automotive industry. With a focus on the Toyota Mirai price in India, we will explore its features, benefits, and environmental impact. So, fasten your seatbelts and let’s embark on this electrifying adventure!

Toyota Mirai Price in India:

The Toyota Mirai has been creating a buzz in the Indian automotive market due to its eco-friendly credentials and advanced features. Let’s now explore the Toyota Mirai price in India and the factors influencing it.

Several factors contribute to the pricing of the Toyota Mirai in India. These factors include:

1. Import duties and taxes: As the Mirai is currently imported into India, import duties and taxes can have a significant impact on its pricing.

2. Technological advancements:Β  The Mirai incorporates cutting-edge technology, which can influence its price point.

3. Infrastructure development: The availability of hydrogen refueling stations is crucial for the widespread adoption of the Mirai. The cost of developing such infrastructure may affect the overall price of the vehicle.

The Toyota Mirai is a sedan with seating capacity for five people. It is anticipated that the Toyota Mirai will be introduced in India in 2023, where it will compete with the XF, XC60, and GLA models. The starting price for the Mirai in India is expected to be 60.00 Lakh INR, which is approximately converted from the US price. The ex-showroom prices for the entry-level XLE model and the top-of-the-line Limited model range from Rs 38.11 lakh to Rs 60.00 lakh.

Launch StatusUnlikely to come to India
Price (ex-showroom)Rs 60 lakh (in other countries)
VariantsThree trims available in international markets
EngineHydrogen-powered fuel cell technology
Power Output182PS
RangeUp to 646km on a full tank (5.2kg H2 gas capacity)
Infotainment System12.3-inch display
Wireless ChargerAvailable
Digital Driver’s Display8-inch display
Head-Up DisplayAvailable
Digital Rear View MirrorsAvailable
Safety Features7 airbags, hill assist, brake assist, ABS with EBD, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

History of the Toyota Mirai:

A Revolutionary Concept

The history of the Toyota Mirai begins with the vision of a sustainable and zero-emission vehicle. Toyota recognized the potential of hydrogen fuel cell technology as a clean alternative to traditional combustion engines. The idea emerged as a response to the growing concerns over climate change and the need for a greener transportation solution.

Early Development and Challenges:

In the early stages of development, Toyota faced numerous challenges. The key hurdle was the establishment of a robust hydrogen fuel infrastructure. Without an extensive network of hydrogen refueling stations, the widespread adoption of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles seemed implausible. However, Toyota remained steadfast in its commitment to innovation and collaborated with government agencies and other stakeholders to address these obstacles.

Unveiling the First-Generation Mirai:

In November 2014, Toyota revealed the world’s first production-ready hydrogen fuel cell vehicleβ€”the Toyota Mirai. The name β€œMirai,” which means β€œfuture” in Japanese, perfectly captured the essence of this groundbreaking automobile. The first-generation Mirai showcased Toyota’s technological prowess and dedication to environmental sustainability.Β 

Color options for Toyota Mirai

There are five different colour choices available for the hydrogen-powered car Mirai:

  • Supersonic Red
  • Hydro Blue
  • Heavy Metal
  • Oxygen White
  • Black

Technological Breakthroughs and Enhancements

Over the years, Toyota continuously refined the Mirai’s design and performance. Each subsequent generation brought significant technological breakthroughs and enhancements. The second-generation Mirai, introduced in 2020, boasted an improved driving range, enhanced power output, and a sleeker design. These advancements positioned the Mirai as a practical and desirable option for eco-conscious drivers.

What sets the Toyota Mirai apart from conventional cars?

The Toyota Mirai is not just an ordinary car; it represents a paradigm shift towards sustainable mobility. Unlike traditional vehicles that rely on fossil fuels, the Mirai is powered by hydrogen, making it a zero-emission vehicle. With its futuristic design and advanced technology, the Mirai showcases Toyota’s commitment to a cleaner and greener future.

What are the benefits of owning a Toyota Mirai?

Owning a Toyota Mirai comes with a multitude of advantages. Let’s take a look at some of them:

1. Zero emissions: As mentioned earlier, the Mirai emits only water vapor, significantly reducing carbon footprint and air pollution.

2.Quiet and smooth driving experience: The electric motor of the Mirai ensures a serene and seamless driving experience, free from the noise and vibrations associated with conventional engines.

3. Long-range capability: The Mirai boasts an impressive range, allowing drivers to travel longer distances without compromising on performance.

4. Quick refueling: Unlike electric vehicles that require hours to recharge, refueling the Mirai with hydrogen takes just a few minutes, similar to filling up a gasoline car.

5. Government incentives: Many governments worldwide offer incentives and subsidies for purchasing eco-friendly vehicles like the Mirai, making it an even more attractive option.

The approximate Toyota Mirai price in India:

As of 2023, the Toyota Mirai price in India starts at approximately 60 Lakh approximate price in Indian Rupees. Please note that the actual price may vary depending on various factors, including the ones mentioned above. It is always recommended to contact authorized Toyota dealers for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.


The Toyota Mirai represents a remarkable leap forward in sustainable transportation, offering a glimpse into a future powered by hydrogen. With its zero-emission performance, advanced features, and eco-friendly appeal, the Mirai stands as a beacon of hope for a greener planet. While the Toyota Mirai price in India may be influenced by various factors, its positive impact on the environment is priceless. So, are you ready to embrace the future of mobility? Buckle up and get ready to drive into a world where innovation meets sustainability.

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FAQ 1: Is the Toyota Mirai available for purchase in India?

Yes, the Toyota Mirai is available for purchase in India. However, availability may vary depending on the location and demand. It is advisable to reach out to authorized Toyota dealers for detailed information regarding availability and delivery timelines.

FAQ 2: How does the Toyota Mirai compare to electric vehicles?

While both the Mirai and electric vehicles are eco-friendly alternatives to conventional cars, they differ in terms of power source and refueling/recharging infrastructure. The Mirai utilizes hydrogen fuel cell technology, offering quick refueling and longer ranges compared to most electric vehicles. However, electric vehicles have a more established charging infrastructure globally.

FAQ 3: Are there any government incentives for purchasing the Toyota Mirai in India?

Yes, the Indian government promotes the adoption of environmentally friendly vehicles through various incentives and subsidies. These incentives may include tax benefits, rebates, and exemptions. It is advisable to check with local authorities or authorized Toyota dealers to determine the specific incentives available in your area.

FAQ 4: Can I refuel the Toyota Mirai at home?

Refueling the Toyota Mirai requires access to hydrogen refueling stations, which are currently limited in number. At present, home refueling options for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are not widely available. However, as infrastructure continues to develop, future possibilities for home refueling may emerge.

FAQ 5: What is the maintenance cost of the Toyota Mirai?

The maintenance cost of the Toyota Mirai is expected to be similar to that of other premium vehicles. Regular maintenance, such as scheduled services and inspections, will ensure the optimal performance and longevity of the vehicle. It is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and consult authorized Toyota service centers for maintenance-related queries.

Β FAQ 6: Is the Toyota Mirai suitable for long-distance travel?

Yes, the Toyota Mirai is well-suited for long-distance travel. With its extended range and efficient fuel cell technology, the Mirai provides a reliable and comfortable option for extended journeys. However, it is essential to plan the route in advance to ensure the availability of hydrogen refueling stations along the way.

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